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Nissan AD NV150

The Nissan AD is a subcompact van and wagon built by Nissan since 1982. The AD is sold under a different name when manufactured as a passenger car, called the Nissan Wingroad

Y12 series

An all-new AD Van (Y12) debuted December 20, 2006, now using the Renault-Nissan B-platform. AD/Wingroad Y12 is almost the same car as the European/Japanese 2005-2013 Nissan Note E11 hatchback and Nissan Livina station wagon (Asia). Models fully share body (except for the E11 Note’s shorter rear), engines, transmission, suspension, etcetera, while differing superficially in design. Parts are compatible depending on the initial market.

The Wingroad debuted November 14, 2005, with a preview at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show in October. Like the Tiida/Versa, it has a wheelbase of 2600 mm, and the new HR15DE and MR18DE engines along with the CR12DE. While the Wingroad was available with 4WD from the beginning, the AD Vans originally only came with front-wheel drive. The transmission for the AD van and the Wingroad is a four-speed automatic or the optional CVT. From 2007, there is also a new Familia Cargo, based on the Y12 shape AD Van. The Y12 was introduced in late December 2008 as the Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo (JapaneseJapanese Wikipedia entry).

The Wingroad received limited edition trim level packages, called “Rider α II”, “Sport Acapello”, “V Selection” to name a few. When the Nissan Stagea was discontinued June 2007, the Wingroad/AD van was the only station wagon still built by Nissan, with Nissan instead introducing a number of new MPV’s, such as the Nissan Lafesta, the Nissan Presage, and the Nissan Elgrand. In December 2008, the AD Van is now available with the HR16DE engine and the e4WD all wheel drive system. In the same month, the last of the preceding Y11 series were finally taken out of production; CNG and 4WD versions of the Y11 had been built in parallel for a few years after the Y12 was introduced.

Intelligent Key was added to the Wingroad September 11, 2006, and the Wingroad can be equipped with a GPS navigation package using HDD technology. The AD Van had been sold without passenger side airbag, but from May 2009 this became standard across the range.

The AD Van received its facelift on November 30, 2016 and renamed the NV150 AD. The Wingroad was discontinued on March 24, 2018.

Also calledNissan NV150 AD (2016–2021)Nissan Wingroad (2005–2018)Nissan AD (2006–2016, 2021–present)Mazda Familia Van (2007–2018)Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo (2008–2019)
Production2006–present2005–2017 (Nissan Wingroad & Mazda Familia Van)2008–2019 (Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo)
AssemblyJapan: Kanda, Fukuoka (Nissan Shatai)
Body and chassis
Body style5-door van/wagon
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive / four-wheel-drive
PlatformNissan B platform
Engine1.2 L CR12DE l4 (Nissan AD only)1.5 L HR15DE l41.6 L HR16DE I41.8 L MR18DE I4
Transmission4-speed E-ATx automatic (1.2/1.6 L)JATCO XTRONIC CVT-M6 (1.5/1.8 L)
Wheelbase2,600 mm (102.4 in)
Length4,395 mm (173.0 in)4,415–4,475 mm (173.8–176.2 in) (Nissan Wingroad)
Width1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Height1,500–1,545 mm (59.1–60.8 in)1,485–1,510 mm (58.5–59.4 in) (Nissan Wingroad)
Curb weight1,140–1,270 kg (2,513.3–2,799.9 lb) (Nissan NV150 AD)1,180–1,320 kg (2,601.5–2,910.1 lb) (Nissan Wingroad)


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