Japanese Used Car Exports

Our main focus is global B2B Exporting of Japanese Used cars. If you want to learn more about direct purchasing or buy and import your next vehicle direct from “Japanese Auto Auctions”, please register free of charge in our web site and visit the “Auction” site. Search over 150,000 vehicles per week.


As a Global Supplier of Used Vehicles from Japan, we issue all inspections that are needed by the various countries around the world. We can arrange any and all inspections to allow you to safely import your vehicles. All our customers have different inspections that are needed see below some main inspections.

  • JAAI Inspection for Export
  • JEVIC Pre Export Appraisal
  • NZ MAF Bio security Inspections
  • Odometer Verification
  • EAA


We enjoy buying low cost cars from the Auctions. You will have access to over 70,000 cars per day. We arrange everything to enable smooth business. Hotel accommodation, Auction purchase, Inland Transport, Cutting, Loading and shipping of your container.

  • Half Cut
  • Nose Cut
  • Complete breakdown All Parts
  • Trucks

Grow together

As well as offering Used Car Auction Access and Vehicle Exporting. Inspections and Cutting are Services that Star Japan would like to offer all interested customers. Our investment into technology allows you to simply benefit and use these services from your office, home or anywhere you can access the internet. We offer our customers a growing list of services to help them be as successful as they can in their business.

Other services

  • Accident Car Repairs
  • Japan Inland Transport
  • Freight & Shipping
  • Insurance
  • Spare Parts